Alan - it seems more experimentation is in order. Are we sure a Beutler-type developer can't increase adjacency effects with TMax 100? It is an exceedinly fine grained, high resolution film with a long scale and gentle shouldering. To me it is superior to Pan-X (not to mention the extra speed) in any case, but if you're looking for exagerrated micro-contrast as an enhancement to perceived sharpness perhaps there is something that can be done with a low-sulfite Metol-Carbonate type of developer. Or something with a lower pH. Fuji Acros might be another film to try.

An alternative would be to try something like Beutler or a variant, maybe FX-1 or a two-bath, with Pan-F, which might flatten out the curve.

In the attachment Puts does not give the formula for the "maximum definition" developer. It isn't clear whether Beutler would fall under his characterization of MD or regular grain either.