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Truly remarkable. But tell us, would you toss your lens away if it happened to grow something under the filter because the lens itself was never cleaned? Here's a thought to consider: If you did clean your lens instead of just the filters, you might notice an appreciable difference in image quality since glass surfaces accumulate microscopic residues from things like atmospheric pollution that you can't see on the lens itself. Even if I don't see it on the lens, I see the remains on the KimTech wipes I use to clean with the Residual Oil Remover (ROR)

Here: Get a bottle of this and give it a shot. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/produc...l_Remover.html
It really works. Read the reviews there too. AND you can use it on filters too. (A multi-tasking product. Imagine that)
I have at the moment three little bottles of R.O.R I get from my local pro dealer, I usually clean my flat screen TV's and computer monitor and my glasses with it, I have cleaned a few lenses and filters with it in the past, but I'll take your advice Mark, thanks