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I've had nothing but issues doing what you suggest. It isn't until I remove all of the excess liquid that I get squeaky clean negatives.
The point is that what works for you might not work for everybody else. My own situation is such that I can not do anything about cat hair and dust in the air; the house we live in is too small to claim an individual room as darkroom, so I'm confined to using a section of an unfinished basement in a 100 year old house, which I share with three cats, storage shelves, laundry machine and drier, furnace, water heater, and a big dehumidifier. When I do as you suggest, I end up with dust all over the film.

The point of my long explanation of what I do has to do with debunking the common thought that 'absolutely nothing' can touch the emulsion when finishing up. I am living proof that it works very well, if done with great care.
Thomas, try my method, 30 seconds or so in de-ionised water after wash. Hang in ambient temperature and do not wipe or touch film in any way and leave to dry. Let me know if it works. I have been doing this for many years, with no dust, drying marks or cat hairs.