An opinion on grain from a portrait photographer.

I kind of like grain, as I used tri-x for a long time. I shoot 6x6 mostly and enlarge usually to 20x24, using FP-4. I often crop a lot when shooting kids.

I've never had a client say "it's a nice picture but I can see the grain".

The larger the picture is printed the farther back it is viewed. ( You view an 8x10 at about 1-3 feet. An 11x14 at about 3-4 feet. A 16x20 at 6+ feet etc.)

We used to call it "smelling the print". Photographers can easily be identified, because they are the only ones who look at large prints from 6 inches.

You never seem to notice there is a lot of grain present when the photograph is striking and has a lot of emotional impact.

Just an opinion.

Michael McBlane