Just acquired a DII for free that seems to be in OK condition.
Bellows look good, lamp works, no broken parts, etc.
It was apparently used for 4x5 since it has the correct condenser, neg carrier & lens.
But the lens, a "Paris anastigmat Huet" f4.5, 150mm, looks a bit aged & worse for wear.
The coating looks like it's flaking, lots of dust inside & micro scratches.
The lens cone is the 2 3/4 in version, which I think is only for a 135 lens.

So the questions.
If I get another lens, what is best for 4x5? I know you can use either a 135 or a 150.
I am planning on enlargements from 8x10 to 16x20, so what would be best?
If I get another 150, definitely need the taller cone. If the 135 is sufficient, then what I have works.
The most important part of this question is what lens mfg is the best choice.
I see a lot of Rodenstock lenses on Ebay, but is the Rodagon good enough

Should I consider a "cold head" lamp setup & eliminate(?) the need for the condenser?
I had heard that the cold head lamps are lower light output, but minimize negative heating.

OK, now the "odd" question. Along with the enlarger, I was also given an Omega D5500 color head.
I think it needs some work, maybe the rollers replaced (stuck filter).
I am inclined to sell it for parts on Ebay as it has a 4x5 mixing chamber.

It has been over 40 years since I've done wet darkroom stuff, so I would like to keep this as simple as possible and not get caught up in getting a bunch of upgrades, extra stuff. In short, would like to just clean it up & use it!