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Yeah, there's that shutter cocking key, which I've never seen. And maybe that's what's described in the manual rather than the stratagem I described above (which I think is a lot easier). But on further thinking, I'd like to believe that if you independently fooled the camera into thinking there's film in it by means of the trick I described, you should then be able to fire the shutter and as a separate step, pull out each Polaroid or Fuji film shot after tripping the shutter. But I've never examined one of these instant film backs to know how they're constructed -- does the back swing open like the stock back, for instance.
There's two kinds of backs, one that can work with a factory modified hinge which can replace the normal film back fairly quickly, and one that is made to be fitted permanently. Apparently the former type is quite rare compared to the latter.

And yes, you trip shutter and pull film separately, just like a Hassy Pola back.