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I am also living proof that doing nothing at all results in perfectly fine negatives.

Disclaimer: I use a drying cabinet and do not mess with it after I hang it. However, before that, I used the bathroom and had no issues either.

How do you expect removing excess moisture is going to protect you against cat hair or dust in the air though? The film is saturated with moisture and will be tacky until it isn't tacky. The surface water, which is gravity drawn, isn't going to massively change the equation when it comes to the core removal of moisture from the film. Even if you used a completely lint-free cloth, wiped off all excess moisture (ignoring the possibility of scratches), any dust that shows up is still going to adhere.
All theory aside, your method does not work for me.

This thing of drying film is one of finding what works for us as individuals. Your method works for you. My method works for me.

I'm not here to fix a problem I do not have. I'm very pleased with my method. It's bullet proof.

I am here to impart a method that MIGHT work for somebody else that's having problems, AND to let people know that it is not the end of the world to touch a wet emulsion.