Unit is in excellent condition and has barely been used. To be perfectly honest, I bought it without doing sufficient research. What I really wanted was the unit that I currently own (the 758DR with the spotmeter) and which I bought shortly after purchasing this one. Long story short, the unit has seen very little use. No significant wear or tear and fully functional. The unit has been upgraded with a RT-32N remote flash triggering unit (triggering Pocket Wizards). I am willing to sell the meter together with the triggering unit or separately.

Picture #1 - Front of the unit and case, both of which are in good cosmetic condition and fully functional.

Picture #2 - Rear of the unit, showing the model #, the serial # and the inclusion of the remote flash triggering unit.

Picture #3 - A close-up of the front LCD screen to give a better sense of the excellent condition that the unit is in.

Lightmeter (alone, without remote trigger): $250 USD

Remote flash triggering unit: $50

Entire package: $300

More than happy to provide additional pictures if that would be helpful.