Went to find the correct spelling of Schrödinger's cat and found the wiki page had been vandalized... fixed that.

Now what were we talking about...

If you hang film in a drying cabinet in a room shared with a cat... Do your negatives have hair on them before you hang them up?

I used to get scratches when I squeegeed. So I stopped. I got so paranoid, I blamed the pressure plate of my camera (absurd! that can only scratch the base!) I blamed the felt strip on the re-used film cassette (I threw them all out!), and I threw out my sponge and soft rubber squeegees... And I stopped using the two-fingers method as well.

Honestly the step I believe led to cleanest negs was using filtered water and Photo Flo for the final rinse (instead of tapwater and Photo Flo which would give me residue).

Thomas, I understand with soft sponge, great care and soft windshield-wiper squeegee you get clean negs every time. I believe you, and I believe it is due to your great care. And the less time negs spend hanging wet, the less time something floating in the air has to stick and bond with the emulsion. Any dust and hair that lands after the film is dry can be easily blown off.

I could scientifically begin to introduce squeegee to my methods and see if it would change anything. Probably should add hardener to my fix first.