I understand your perspective Thomas; focused attention on content is more important than attending to quality but losing sight of what makes it worthwhile...

I was marginally satisfied with Panatomic-X. I wanted always "just a bit more" resolution.

The replacement TMAX-100 offered "more sharpness but just a bit less resolution at more than twice the speed".

I recognized it as a tradeoff that was going in the wrong direction for me.

If a 25 speed regular grain film, or a 50 speed tabular grain film were available, I'd be happy to try that in 35mm. Because that would have MORE resolution than Panatomic-X. (Which is what I am looking for in the first place.)

Meanwhile, my quest for MORE resolution simply led me to bigger film size(s).

That strikes me as an elegant solution to the problem - it gives me what I want, and I am fairly assured it will be available going forward.

Lately I revisited 35mm to see how I really feel about grain. I had a very good time exploring grain, I love it and will use it at times for certain kinds of photography. But I still prefer the higher-resolution appearance that led me to fine-grain film in the first place. So I plan to use 120 and 4x5 when I am looking for fine detail. And I will use 35mm when I want to work faster.