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Yes, battery concern is such an insignificant issue with the F3HP that I regularly just leave it in the on position all the time.

Something of more concern though would be what you're used to metering wise. The FM3A (and I believe all FMs), like the FE-series, uses a match-stick indicator (needle style). The F3HP uses a backlit LCD (with a very lame backlit button that you'll never use). If you regularly use it in manual mode and rely on the meter indicator as a form of feedback loop, the meter display in the F3HP will just piss you off as it's an absolute measurement without a reference point. I mostly use it in a-prio mode when I can't be concerned with doing manual metering.
If the battery is a concern - such as in cold weather, you could always use one 3V Lithium battery CR1/3N instead of the two 1.5V cels as it has a much wider temperature tolerance as well as much longer shelf life.

The FM3A inherited the match needle metering system from the FE2 as the FM2 and FM both use LEDs for it's meter.

I agree that the F3's backlit button does leave something to be desired.