I have been exclusively using HC-110 in the past. But recently I'd like to try Rodinal/Adonal for my Agfa APX 100 films. I have several questions about this developer:

. What is the minimal amount of Rodinal for a 135 36exp roll of film? I found online some number like 3ml. Would like to confirm the number.

. Has anyone tried non-standard (1:25, 1:50, 1:100) dilutions? Specifically I'd like to use 1:63 (similar to HC-110 Dil H because my measure cup has 7.5ml mark and my stainless steel tank is 480ml). But I do not know how much time would be needed for this dilution.

. What is the impact of temperature? Specifically how much time is needed for 21 C - 24 C?

Thanks for any information!