Well, Maco once converted stock made for type 135 into type 120
Well, they drowned in claims for these true "roll-films" (lack of NC layer) plus the only way they got these made was hand-rolling at Fotokemikas.
For each of the above reasons this film would not have passed our QC.
We manufactured a stach of state of the art 35mm film on 35mm base intended for Super8 and 35mm. When the film was ready to slit Ferrania was to close itīs doors (back then it looked final) and our slitting capacities were not yet set up so we slit all material to pancakes. Silvermax as well as the PAN 400 (which failed). Both are made on the same batch of base. These pancakes ae now cool stored and we have Material available for at least 4-5 years. Before this date I see little chances to even consider a remanufacturing apart from the other reasons I gave. All you technically thinking people need to start involving economics in your thought process. Fotokemika did not voluntarily gave up last year because the were making to much money. The same for Ilford/Switzerland and all others in the imaging market.
Not everything which might be technically possible can be done after evaluating the costs and (very important second number) necessary investment volume.

We do what we can, promise ;-)