I must agree with what the above gentlemen have said about "baby" Technikas. I own a Technika 70 three lens outfit from the early sixties, and it performs like a teenager. We know that you trade one thing for another in camera purchases. These wonders are not for everyone. Some will not be comfortable with them. That's how it goes, sometimes. I love the messucher finder; combination viewfinder/rangefinder. I love the outstanding level of quality that is poured into the production of these cameras. And if you have an eye for industrial design, it will be a master class of visual delight. I have never seen so much depth of understanding,( in artistic design), lavished onto any production model as the T-70. There is not a careless line or curve in all its design ,(in my opinion). I understand that this has nothing to do with producing photos. But I do believe that whoever the designer(s) was/were, they deserve a rousing shout out for what they were allowed to produce. Every line, every curve is made with the intention of keeping your eye moving; no dead ends. Astonishing depth of creative sense. And if that were not enough, built to outlast their owners. Very few companies allow such freedom of excellence, even unto production! Cost, being a major factor. Perfect? Not in this world, brother. "But I wouldn't want to live on the difference." All the best!