For what it is worth I process about 2000ft of 16mm B&W reversal a year of my family home movies. Half that is Foma R100. The balance is a mix of Tri-X, ORWO UN54 and Kodak/Fuji colour neg film stock processed as B&W rev. The Foma and Colour film stock do require a longer first development time compared to the other film stocks no matter what developer I use. To date I have not used the D94A, only a modified D94 with a Dichromate Bleach.

If you want to send your films to Oz, there is a commercial lab that processes Super 8, Standard and double 8. I sure he'd split it for you, but it would be worth sending an email. The Lab is "nanolab dot com dot au". Richard who runs the lab has been most helpfull whenever I have had &rev processing issues.