So I continue my journey in the darkroom...
I was making tiny prints to see if I could get a tone I like. 2.5X3.5" from a 35mm negative.
I'm using strong LPD 1:1 and the exposure was 6s at f/8.
Once in the developer it came up very fast at about 8s or so.
I went ahead and developed for 2 min although I was thinking it only needed 1 min.
I was printing on Fomatone MG classic 133 and it was very neutral.
Selenium seemed to tone well but bleach/tone didn't (with lots of washing after fix and after bleach).

Does the amount of exposure effect how well it tones?
Does developing longer than necessary (with this combo) cause it to go neutral like that?

Of course I'll experiment, but like to have an understanding so I can adjust variables as I go.