Hi everybody,
I'm doing digital negatives ,for now, for my cyanotypes, etc. A-4 size max because my cheap printer is that small. I don't wanna go big bucks and buying an A3 printer, Cone Inks, Pictorico's A3's etc.
I bring my Hasselblad 500 C to life again and thinked about enlarging the 2 1/4 negative (contact to positive first then enlarging the positive on ortho film) following Bob Herbst instructions on Unblinking Eye.
But I have an adapted darkroom prone to dust, fibers etc and wondered about avoiding to contact the original neg into a positive and making a copy, instead, with my view camera - 6x7 back- and get a positive to, again, enlarge into ortho sheet film (10x10 max , in a 12x10 sheet). That's it. Will I loose to much definition camera copying a negative instead of contact printing?
Thanks for your patience.