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A friend wants me to do a colour photo of a 'babbling brook" that will be enlarged to 2' x 6' for a poster for her shop window. I can shoot from 6x7 to 8x10 (including 5x7 although I can't seem to find any 5x7 colour film).

Which format would you use for such an application? Negative or reversal? Will 4x5 or even 6x7 do the job and is 8x10 overkill (it certainly is more expensive to scan)?
I used 6x7 to make some 2'x3' displays for a booth at a machine design show, the minimum viewing distance was about 6' and they looked very good.

I'd use 4x5 for your project if it will be viewed from any normal distance.
Sadly, most don't know what a sharp print is and the quality goes unrecognised. If I was hanging a 2'x6' with my name on it I would use 8x10.