My first camera was a Brownie (Holiday, I think). My Grandfather gave it to me when I said I wanted a camera. It was my mothers when she was a child. I've very fond memories of that camera, and if I can find out where I put it, will use it again. This time, though, I'm pretty sure I won't move the camera as I press the button (I was very young).

A few years later the same Grandfather/Grandparents gave me a new 110. Shortly after (it broke) they gave me another, which I practically grew up with, using through college until I dropped it on a ski-slope and it met with a comber. I retrieved it, though, and still have it. I replaced it with a cheap off-brand point-and-shoot 35tmm, and then my Grandparents got me a Kodak 35mm P&S.

When my Grandfather died, I was given his Sears KS-2, which is now my main camera. The Brownie still stands out in my mind, though, as it was my first camera - I was so thrilled to have it.

I guess my best childhood/adulthood camera memories have more to do with my Grandparents than the cameras.