I work in IT at a University, and I've been tempted to mess with the student techs who think film is bad. I have some old 3.5" DS/DD floppies, and would love to ask them to get "important" documents off of them.

First they need to find a floppy drive. We have a few in the tech room, though I'm the only one who has them in my machines. Yes, every now and then a professor brings a floppy with important material and either they have no drive, or windows thinks the disk is corrupt and wants to format it (but it's not DS/DD). I use Linux, so this usually isn't an issue for me.

Then the students would have to learn the disks look like what they know, but are not DS/HD. They then have to learn how to setup the computer to read them, if the BIOS or firmware lets them, and if the floppy drive can handle it.

If I do this to them, they would hopefully learn backing-up their digital pictures (and class projects) is something that has to be actively maintained - forever. It is not a low-maintenance affair.