Hi all,

I just wanted to thank all of you who responded to my post a number of weeks back regarding my trip to Yosemite and provided advice for photographing there.. Your tips and suggestions were spot on and we had an awesome trip to an incredible place - no smoke luckily. We ended up hiking just about 60 miles during the trip and went through so much film, mostly b&w with experimentation with filters. It was our first time there and absolutely loved it. Now i would like to call on some of you again to help ensure that the precious emulsions are handled with care.

I recently relocated to Connecticut and need to find a quality lab locally to develop the film. I have done a number of rolls myself but would prefer a pro handle this development. I am hoping to find a lab possibly located between Hartford and New Haven if any of you could give a referral. I am not oppossed to mailing it out, but it would be nice to find a place local.

So if anyone is local to the area and could give a referral it would be appreciated. Also, wasn't sure which forum to place this post.

Thank you