It could be that I am thinking along the lines of a misconception, but it has been my observation that the better photographic minds seem to congregate on this site, perhaps with no more providence than a group of tumbleweeds. Still, I find myself bringing thoughts that the other sites have long fruitless threads about, and seem to find better focus here on the final answers.
All this said, I believe I've conceived a test that will require my having to develop (sacrifice) only 2 full size 8x10 sheets of film and glean everything I need to know on both exposure and development time. Just on the ideas advised in this 14 post thread, my thoughts are in order on the test procedure I will be carrying out this weekend. From that, I fully expect to be able to load up film holders and go out shooting with confidence. To give clue as to the idea I have in mind it to use the T-square and triangle to fabricate alternating "dark slides" to arrange 8 tests on the same sheet, one as exposure test, one as development time test. Actually 3 sheets will be used. The third to shoot the broadside of my house, which is a rural scenic view in itself. In the next 3 months I am going to shoot up 97 pieces of X-Ray film that only cost $29.00 including shipping. Hey, thanks everybody.