I have to agree on the Canon F-1 weight comment. I have one and really, really like it, but is it a camera that I want to grab and head out the door with? No, it's just really too heavy. A good strap helps though.

You have to weigh a number of factors in your decision here. I too love older, simpler cameras. Not as much to go wrong, better build quality. But often the cameras have shutters that aren't as capable as they used to be. One stop slow on most speeds is all too common, and at higher speeds it can be quite a bit more. The last F2a I had was only able to get 1/400 at 1/2000. For me that was a deal killer because I like to shoot Tri-X wide open w/ fast lenses. Yes, I could have gotten a CLA on it, but I've had pretty spotty results w/ camera repairs, and even after a CLA I'd still have an old camera.

My solution was to keep my Nikkormat FT2 when I want a nice, solid (and heavy, but not like the Canon F-1 thank goodness) camera for out-and-about shooting. With an H 50 or Q 135 lens on it, it makes a surprisingly light package. For times when I want to shoot wide open I bought an old N8008s for $20. It has a 1/8000 top shutter speed, and the electronically controlled shutter is reliable and accurate. I hate exposures that are all over the place, so having a camera w/ an electronic shutter, which ever one you buy, is a good idea.