20/30 - another 6 prints in the post box over the last 8 working days.

BoxBrownie - Merry-go-Round. I remember on of these in the 70's. Built by a local farmer and brought to the primary school on Fete day as a fund raiser.
ndrs - Hat on Lawn. My first colour post card this round. I really like the shades of green and the sharp blackness of the top hat.
megzdad81 - Morning Ride. Wonderfull image catching the streaks of morning light on the fog through the trees.
ozphoto - Stonehenge. How did you get a photo without a million other visitors there and a picture that is not including that horrible rope that encompassed the stones to keep the visitors out. I made several visits between 94 and 97 at all sorts of time of day and was not able to capture what you have here.
drpsilver - Reflection. Wonderfull image Darwin. A card that has drawn comment from everyone who has seen it here on the bench in the kitchen.
hbooks - Dog. If this is your first print ever, I wished I had the courage to enter a print exchange with my first prints ever. You have done a really fine job, and this can only be the start of a life time addiction to chemistry in a darkened room...