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My feelings exactly. Presumably Kodak sells a lot more film than Ilford, probably rather a lot more, and Ilford can make it work. Efke, Impossible Project, Foma, maybe Ferrania too. If Kodak can cut away the BS and run as a private entity without caring what The Street thinks, then this may be the best thing to have happened to film for a long time.
As another poster points out, Efke is not a good example as they are already gone. Of course they were making film with poor QC on equipment basically held together with duct tape and baling wire, but it (and even more so the paper) will be missed none the less.

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It's still not a guarantee of sustainability unfortunately, case-in-point Efke. A tiny change in the market, customers and/or suppliers, or just a big bill for equipment repairs can sink the whole boat.