The link is to an example of a 35mm negative enlarged to about 8 x 10 in using a cold light source on an omega D Something enlarger. I used Plus-X and made a very dark positive in diluted paper developer. The developer was a liquid 1:9 kind used at the lab where I worked at the time. I actually mixed it 1:4. I made sure I could see through the darks, like the girls hair. I used the same set up to create the negative, but I contacted it. It was my first attempt at making enlarged negatives. The platinum-palladium Ziatype I made from the resulting negative comes remarkably close to in tonal range to the gelatin silver print I'd made previously. Other methods I've used included photographing a 4 x 5 negative on the light box and projecting that to 8 x 10. I've also had 120 film processed into a positive by DR-5 and projected that to 8 x 10.