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Sinar patented two completely different systems of yaw-free settings, one designed for the P-series, the other for the F series. Then other folks marketed yaw-free when their patents expired. This kind of control might be helpful in certain tabletop studio settings or for architectural photography when you're dealing with fairly consistent planes. ... But frankly, I don't pay any attention to it anymore, since I mainly encounter complex plane of focus issues in landscapes. And for architectural shots I generally level the camera first anyway. But I do use both axis-tilt and base-tilt cameras, or ones with both features, and it's just a matter of staying in practice with either. ... Having good equipment and being comfortable enough with it to operate spontaneously is far more important in my opinion than the general debate.
Drew, if memory serves, you are a Sinar user. I'm considering going back to Sinar after having gone to field cameras for a while. This is for 4x5 only, nothing larger. My first Sinar was an A1 (basically an F1 with a flat rail). I'm considering an F2 or a P2 at this point. Any thoughts? Some people (mostly Arca fans) say the P Sinars are much better than the F models. Obviously the P2 is heavy as hell, but I'm not sure I care much about that anymore. I'd rather have the most precise camera. But I always found the A1/F1 to be pretty good, so I'm wondering if the P2 is worth the extra weight. The nice thing about the P2 is the asymmetric tilt, but not a necessity - some people find asymmetric tilts, DoF scales, angle calculators etc. on the Sinars to be just gimmicks. Note sure.

Have you ever made use of the DoF or angle calc aids on your Sinar(s)?