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Holy cow! You get this? Really??

I've been going at this point around here for years now. Most everyone fights me on it tooth and nail. The differences between a real three-dimensional thing and a zero-dimensional virtual abstraction of that thing just seems to escape them. I've tried every analogy I can think of to no avail.

The idea that a photographic negative (something you can hold in your hand) and a RAW file simulation of a photographic negative (a virtual abstraction that you can't) are significantly different representations is apparently just too many vegetables to swallow at dinner.

And then you sit down and just write a post that says exactly that.


Thank you so much.

Now I can die happy.

I actually heard you state that opinion more than once...twice.....twenty times....anyway... the problem with it is you are assuming everyone is like you. You are like the guy with a classic car with a stick shift and tells everyone with an automatic transmission that their driving experience is not "authentic".

They can't feel the gears, experience the joy of the downshift and upshift, as they power in and out of the corners, so while they tool around the country in their car with an automatic transmission, they aren't getting the real experience of what driving should be.

So you are assuming that for a lot/most people that they really care about that, or should, but instead they care about getting to their destination. That is their goal, how that is achieved is just a matter of semantics.

You are a "process" guy. You love the process and to you if we don't agree with you then we are not authentically experiencing photography.

But some people are goal oriented. The process is semantics. They'll use the tools available to achieve the best print they think they can get because to them the print is the ultimate goal of the exercise. Now you can argue that in your world the print is better, but in my world and experience it is not, for many reasons.

Many here on APUG are process guys/people. To many this is a hobby. A way to get in the darkroom and get away from the old lady, kids, computer work for a while. It's all about the process. One print today and maybe 4 by the weekend.

But some here are goal oriented and the process does not fit well with today's demands.

I've driven a stickshift and I now drive an automatic. I would never go back.

But feel free to enjoy your choice but don't assume that just because you think your choice is authentic that you are necessarily correct, you are merely happy with your choice and trying to evangelize to everyone that your choice is the only choice or the only REAL choice.

If the negative is the score but the print is the performance, does it really matter if the score is written in pen or on a computer screen.

What would Ansel do?

Good question.