I'm not really drawn to it but I would try something.

Crop the bottom up to where you take out the arm skin on the close arm. When you do that you pull the attention immediately to the eyes. Any skin not adding to the picture should usually be removed in this type of picture.

Because of that I would have probably shot the picture horizontally but I don't really know what you had to deal with at this location.

I'm not a huge fan of the expression but it's a kid and sometimes that's what you get. Some may think it's cute, but personally I don't really.

But crop like I said and the eyes are far more powerful.

Your flat lighting is not really to my taste but your background is handled well. I'd try for more of a direction of light.

I know the photography world is filled with fill the frame types but I rarely do. I want cropping options later so I'm far more loose in shooting so I have options. That probably came from shooting square all those years.