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Back in the 90s, 50 1.8s and 50 1.4s were the kit lenses. They were on the camera because they were cheap

Now everyone fawns over them like its the second coming of Jesus
I used a 50 1.4 wide open for my Junior High photos of all my friends because it was too dark in the cafeteria and classrooms for anything slower

I wish I could have closed down for some of the group shots
In the 60s, 70s, and 80s the "kit" lens was a 50mm f: 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, or 2.0. The upgrade lens was the 1.4, the deluxe lens was 1.2. When at age 17 I got a brandy-new OM-2 I went for the 50/1.4. The lens just plain sucked any farther open than 2.8, and I now use 50mm/2.0 Nikkor H lenses from the 60s, which are useable wide open and just stunning at the other apertures.

I'm a watch collector and have never heard of "Wabi". I'm quite certain I don't need to. Today I'm carrying a Waltham 23j Vanguard (with diamond endstones throughout the escapement) 16s made the year the Titanic had that problem. Most modern watches are junk jewelry when compared to a decent RR watch anyway.