Living in Baltimore in the 50's, and in the Cub Scouts, my parents gave me an official (really) Cub Scout camera. Basically a 620 box, hard bakolite like plastic with flash. I had great fun with it, and when we moved to Japan (Pop was in the Air Force).
The first summer, the AF was offerering activities for the kids, and I took a photo class given by a Japanese photographer (who ran the lab). There were only two of us the first day, me and a girl my age, and the girl never came back, so I had 1 on 1 lessons all summer. My interest surged, and eventually it was replaced by a Yashika tlr, and others
When we left Japan, in 1961, I gave the camera to a Japanese woman who had become a family friend, who had always looked at my pictures with me.
I never took my film to a lab ever again.
Just remembered, I have a picture of me with my camera, taken on the first day by the teacher. I'll post it if I can find it.

Great thread, good memories.