I use PFlo 1:200, and wipe with a Graphic arts product called Webril Pads. They are very clean and soft, come on a roll about 8" wide, and are perfed to tear. A roll will last a lifetime, nearly. I use the same one for each roll in one session, 35mm or 120.

I first soak the pad in the Flo solution, fold in half severl times, then wring it out by rolling over it with a ss tank till just damp, then hang the film, put the clothespin "weights" on the bottom, hold the roll out at an angle, and wipe each side once from top to bottom with the folded up pad, slowly and carefully. For the next roll, I re-fold to a new surface. Never any lint, streaks, or dust. (I also built a drying cabinet in the darkroom for this.)