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That is incorrect. When the deal is consummated, around September 1, the new film marketing/distribution company will not only purchase film from Kodak in Rochester to re-sell, it will also own the Harrow plant that still makes color paper. It could theoretically decide (if and when the still undisclosed terms of the agreement allow) to begin making film at Harrow as well. What those films would be like, and how closely they would resemble current Kodak films, if at all, is not knowable at this time.
In that way, KPP will control Harrow and their manufacturing lines (Chromogenic Paper). So they should have full control of manufacturing & distribution of Paper. As of film, it should be possible to adapt the Harrow coater but IIRC on a past discussion about it PE deemed it a hard endeavor.
I guess they could adapt the films to a modified Harrow coater but it would need the retooling of the machine plus the extensive reformulation for each product. Writing about this, Kodak did coat film in the past in the UK, was it Harrow?

I too got 2015 on my mind because of the MP contract between the studios and Kodak. After that, who knows.