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Didn't they make film at Harrow as well at one time in the not-so-distant past? It was my understanding that they did. In my freezer are several boxes of Portra 160VC that clearly say "Made in Great Britain." The Pension Plan might do very well to explore bringing back that capability once things are up and running.

Personally, I am more comfortable with a UK based operation rationally looking at the business case of film production at Harrow (or elsewhere outside of Rochester) and developing a business plan to move forward.* UK businesses seem to far more comfortable taking sensible risks** and making the necessary investments to pull off the plan than US companies and their Wall Street mandated profit non-sense. That's been my experience anyway.
What? Portra 160 made in britain? That seems great, and perhaps they could produce again if they didn't get rid of special machinery and people. But it could be like Ferrania; Needing a readaptation process. As of chemistry, they do colour paper so...
I was thinking they made film in the UK but eons ago, glad to hear it wasn't that long ago.

Blanksy, that's what I've seen around for a while. I quite disagree with those politics, especially because small theaters will find themselves out of the business. Aside of this, pure digital projection seems like a glorified youtube.