I shoot mostly B&W large format, using a modified zone system approach. I would like to start playing with colour, in a hybrid flow where I will shoot the colour film and process it, then have the images scanned, and I will print digitally. Many years ago I shot a fair amount of transparancy film in 35mm (mostly Kodachrome, and some E-6), and relied on the meter in the camera to determine my exposures, and was generally pretty happy with the results. I am now trying to figure out how to calculate exposures when using colour sheet films, and my primary meter is a spotmeter. - My thoughts:

On transparancy film, it seems like the biggest issue is blowing out the highlights, so would it make sense to meter the highlights, and to place those in Zone VIII? I have a box of Velvia 100 which I will be playing with.

For Colour negative film (here I will be playing with Ektar 100), I assume that I treat it like B&W, and meter the shadows, then place those in zone II? I think that this film has a much broader range, so I don't have to worry as much about the highlights?