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simple version: 1) are higher film speeds better for big enlargements than lower film speeds? 2) How big can I enlarge Delta 100 35mm film ~or~ 120mm film vs Delta 400 35mm film ~or 120mm film
1) probably not, but maybe
2) depends

I recently tested both the Delta and Tmax films in 35mm, both ISO100 and ISO400. Everything looked good at 7x10 (7x enlargement). I also made enlarged sections of the same negatives to 16x (On 8x10 paper, as mentioned above) to assess the grain. They all have grain at that magnification.

What then follows is one's subjective reaction to that grain. I had no problem with sharpness. But I did not like the look of the films at 16x (especially both the 400 speeds.) I actually preferred Tri-X to either of the T-grained 400 speed films.

But, you may see it differently. That's the rub ...

Now, the disclaimer: I do like the overall tonality of Delta and Tmax films when I use them in 120. This includes Delta 3200 rated at 1600. But for 35mm, I'm sticking with Tri-X, YMMV