304 Rapid Fixer

Water ------------------------------ 800ml
Sodium Thiosulphate --------==----200g
Ammonium chloride ----------------50g
Potassium metabisulphite ----------20g
Water enough to make up to 1 Litre

305 Hardening Fixer

Water ------------------------------800ml
Sodium Thiosulphate ---------------200g
Sodium sulphite (anhyd)----------- 20g
Acetic acid (glacial) ----------------15ml
Potassium Alum (dodecahydrate)--10g
Water enough to make up to 1 Litre

You need to clarify the form of Sulphite, it's anhydrous in these formulae (wasserfrei). Also Agfa 305 contains 200gm Sodium Thiosulphate and 15ml Glacial acetic acid - Eisessig 15ml, and Potassium Alum not Potassium Metabisulphite.

Agfa 304 is a Rapid fixer while 305 a regular Sodium Thiosulphate hardening fixer

Source- various Agfa and Orwo Rezepte books of formulae).