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The thing about photography that most people don't really understand is that it is not about now. Capturing now is only relevant in the context of the future.

Sticking your tripod in Ansel Adams tripod holes capturing mountains and rocky shores is pretty irrelevant because he already did it and his stuff is better than yours. The scene didn't really change and it probably won't. All people are doing is showing their inadequacy. Make your own tripod holes.

Also shooting dozens of rolls and only realizing a couple of gems is great. It's perfect. Before you did it there were no gems at all. Now there are a couple.

And digging out boxes or old negs and prints is really what this whole exercise is for. Photographs of people only have any use when they no longer look like that.

Street scenes only really matter when the people are gone and the streets have changed.

So you should always have your camera with you. Because no matter what you shoot, in a few years it will be absolutely unique.

No one else on the planet will have that picture.

Cameras are the only instrument ever created that can stop time. And save it for future observers.

We are the curators of history. And the time you spent reading this, the world has forever changed and you missed it.
I completely agree with your post minus the bolded section. Part of the appeal of photography is creating something for yourself and not just for others. When you shoot a photograph, it becomes "yours" and that connection to a photo is a really important part of the artistic process in my opinion.

Sure people have been taking photographs of sunsets for generations but that doesn't mean nobody else should shoot sunsets because "it has already been done." What makes your (my) sunset photo is that it is YOUR (or my) sunset photo.

The same thing goes for anything else really. Hundreds of thousands of people have probably photographed the Eiffel Tower but just because they might not be as technically proficient as a master photographer doesn't mean that it doesn't hold a very important emotional and philosophical importance in their lives.