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The N and NC versions are both multicoated. The C, atleast for this lens, is purely marketing. It's deadly obvious by just looking at the deep magenta reflection thrown off the N version that its the same multicoating as the NC and probably just about the same as the AIS.

I don't know what you guys are talking about weight wise. The lens isn't significantly heavier than any other AIS lens, although it is of course heavier on the scale. We're talking probably 200g heavier here which is nothing compared to the size/weight of various autofocus lenses people are using these days.

This lens also does not have uncontrollable flare and ghosting. It's a multicoated lens just like any other modern lens design, relatively unchanged throughout the years (aside from the switch away from thorium elements), and isn't particularly known for being a problem child lens. It's only real issue is barrel distortion.
I didn't know that.

As I said, the dealbreaker for me was weight and cost. One of the reasons I stick to the smaller slower lenses is to be able to carry what I want, sometimes space is as important as weight. If it's 200g heavier and significantly bulkier, that's another lens I won't be carrying. As for the autofocus zoom thingies people tote around, I wouldn't waste my time and effort.