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I completely agree with your post minus the bolded section. Part of the appeal of photography is creating something for yourself and not just for others. When you shoot a photograph, it becomes "yours" and that connection to a photo is a really important part of the artistic process in my opinion.

Sure people have been taking photographs of sunsets for generations but that doesn't mean nobody else should shoot sunsets because "it has already been done." What makes your (my) sunset photo is that it is YOUR (or my) sunset photo.

The same thing goes for anything else really. Hundreds of thousands of people have probably photographed the Eiffel Tower but just because they might not be as technically proficient as a master photographer doesn't mean that it doesn't hold a very important emotional and philosophical importance in their lives.
I agree. But my reference with the tripod holes meaning trying to get the exact same shot.

A great teacher I once had stated, "try to take the most common thing, in the most uncommon manner. Then you will have impact".

There are lots and lots or sunset shot needed to be taken and still lots of angles left to be taken of the Eiffel Tower.

The trick is to make them YOUR angles.