Sorry... I just used one day in and out it was an AIS (thousands of exposures) , and yes strong backlighting situation and such lent to more washed-out details than say a 55mm micro AIS or 105 1.8 AIS could handle. It wasn't terrible, but negatives made in those situations with the 35mm f1.4 AIS had me reaching for the #4 VC filter while similar images on same roll shot with other lenses had me going back to the VC #2. I was just giving you my experience with it for a decade. I do not currently own one. I find the short zooms from Nikon to be pretty darn good.

I wouldn't call the ghosting "uncontrollable" it's just more prone to it while wide open... as are many of these "fast" lenses.

BTW I used it with a metal "F" hood from the 1960's no filter, but I think a 58mm or 62mm cap fit the hood. I'd buy it again if I had the need for it. Cheers.