I have a nice Durst M601 Enlarger with Nikon EL-Nikkor 50mm and 75mm lenses with lensboards. A few other items - Anti-Newton glass - as well (can't remember the exact items, but I'll update soon). No negative carriers, but you shouldn't have trouble finding - or making - some.

The enlarger has a negative masking feature built into it. The large red sliders on the sides control how much of the negative is masked.

All in good condition; clean lenses, bellows is light-tight, etc. Unsure about the specifics of the condenser lens, but will update soon.

Asking $125 + S/H, or best reasonable offer. The asking price is based on the big auction site prices for the EL-Nikkor 50mm and 75mm lenses, lensboards, condenser lenses, etc. If you wish, I can ship just the head and mast; make your own base or pick up a panel from your local Lowe's or other hardware store. Simply mount the head/mast at a right angle to the base and you're good to go (anything other than 90 degrees will result in keystoning of your prints).

Durst Enlarger.jpg Durst M601 Enlarger.jpg Durst M601 Enlarger Lenses.jpg Durst M601 Enlarger Details.jpg