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I have spent about a month on APUG and am ready to give up and sell the 620 and remaining film due to all the chicken little film is dead mentality running around. Like his reviews and articles or not, his positive outlook on film does a lot more good than all the negativity I read here
Hey, given cross compatibility between film and digital and the cheap prices of film cameras I'd say keep it and, even if not for primary shooting; do shoot film every once in a while.
Negative film (cound be for a ban pun) does things that digital doesn't.

As of colour, E6 is holding on alright; C41 negative is going quite well and B&W will be around just forever.
While the material is out there, you can shoot with it.

And let's see what is Ferrania going to do... Introducing a new E6 film doesn't happen every day; and much less from a new and commited player.