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It's a bit trite to split the methodology divisively into just process or goal. It's not either/or and one can easily be obsessed with too much of one direction. But to not acknowledge that process plays a part IN the goal is just underhanded. If it didnt play a part many of the digital shots I see how there would exercise restraint, some kind of character, and a sense of patience. The vast majority do not and this isn't even touching on the technical aspects of the medium.

And any true car guy worth his merit isn't saying "oh automatic or manual, it doesn't matter" - they know the only proper way is a stick shift. Everything else is just justifying worth and/or trying to hunt for "equality" where there innately isn't any.
An awfulmatic, as I call them, isn't even driving. At best it's "causing a four wheeled conveyance almost but not quite completely like a car to roll around."

Seriously, it depends on why you drive. If you enjoy the driving, as I do, you'll probably like the stick, as I do. I've owned over a dozen cars (I think the total is about 14, I'd have to think about it) over the years of which only two were autos, both of which were kept less than six months, one for only about two WEEKS. If you drive only to get from one place to another as quickly and easily as possible you will probably like the automatic transmission.

Seriously, I don't know what someone who isn't at all interested in process and enjoys digital is even doing here. I don't say that's "wrong" at all, just "what are you doing on APUG then?" I don't get it. This forum is dedicated to the analog process.