I have a Minolta x700 that I recently purchased in perfect condition and have already shot a roll or two with to test if its functioning properly. I just finished a role of film and was advancing the last exposure when I felt the take up spool get very tight, and made a slight grinding noise. I immediately stopped advancing the film and began to rewind the film back into the film canister. After I took the film out the mechanical issue began with the advance lever going only 100 degrees instead of a full 130 degrees after the shutter is released. I'm unable to release the shutter again until I quarter turn the winder/motordrive coupler that is on the base of the camera body (under the take up spool). Once the coupler is turned the shutter is able to release again.

Has this ever happened to anybody else and is it something that I would be able to repair on my own? Any tips, tricks or hints would be greatly appreciated!