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Seriously, I don't know what someone who isn't at all interested in process and enjoys digital is even doing here. I don't say that's "wrong" at all, just "what are you doing on APUG then?" I don't get it. This forum is dedicated to the analog process.
A fair question.

The reason I still haunt the halls is after 30 years of analog/darkroom work, using medium and some large format and producing many many hundreds of silver prints and being an active member here for quite a long time, I hang around because a great deal of this site is about photography. And photography didn't really change at all when digital rolled in.

Obviously many things changed from the professional business model, to the use of computers to the change in how a photographer's vision to final print process changed, but cameras, lighting, posing, composition, etc has not changed really at all.

When I say I'm not into process, that doesn't mean I know nothing about process, because obviously doing the process day in and day out for 30 years I must have accidentally tripped over some of it. But for me the process is only a means to an end. And that end is the print on the wall.

And you'll notice this thread is in the Ethics and Philosophy Section, meaning the ethics and philosophy of photography, not the ethics and philosophy of analog processes.

If you cruise through with your manual transmission web browser, you'll probably notice that there are a lot of sections on APUG related to many aspects of photography, composition, lighting that have no bearing on analog per se but instead photography in general which sort of bolsters my point that photography didn't really change fundamentally when digital showed up, it just created more outlets for the photographer to explore.

But I appreciate your concern that I'd taken a wrong turn when I stumbled upon APUG.