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I loved it at F2 on down but I had a hard time with it at 1.4 either due to focus or it being somewhat soft or both. I now have the 35mm 1.4G and that lens flat out blows it away, it's on par with my former 35mm 1.4 love, the Leica 35mm 1.4 Aspheric. Too bad the G version is such a big lens, I feel like I could fit the AIS version inside it...

In my experience, I buy 1.4 lenses to shoot them at 1.4 and I could rarely do that with any degree of satisfaction with the 35mm 1.4 AIS. I even find it easier to hit focus manually with the G than the AIS, it's that sharp wide open.

I have no doubt that the G lens would be much better. But I can't use G lenses on an FM2 nor do I want to pay that price. My main interest is in manual focus lenses so that is why I look at this lens as well as the Zeiss 35mm f/2 one.