You know what? I have seen a lot of really stupid labs who could give a rat's ass about making sure this unusual film looks good!

I have been watching on the Lomography website and seeing images submitted that just plain SUCK!

And you know Damn well it is because of Lame Ass stupid minilabs that just did not bother to make an attempt to do any kind of color balancing!

I have played around with scans of Lomochrome Purple film in PhotoShop and have found tremendous potential in the color balance, this unusual film picks up quite a bit of color! It is the stupid lame labs that make this film look like trash!

Image Source of Ventura, California with little to no real coaching about this film's character produced some great images, those that complain about the film being Lame went to a Lame lab!

Pick your lab carefully before you just piss this film off as lame!

It was $20 for my pro lab in Ventura to develop and print my 36 exp roll of LomoChrome Purple, 20 bucks well spent IMO! And... they received very little explanation of this film's character!