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Aww, shucks... Does this mean that after all these years I finally get to come off your Ignore List?


[Edit: Actually, I do have an enormous respect for what you do and the buzz it brings. Capturing the essence of a sitter's character in the few fleeting minutes one has their full attention is a skill—and buzz—that eludes me, regardless of the chosen technology. Only last weekend I was visiting my 86-year-old mother. Suffice it to say that time now runs short. So I had my 8x10 set up on her deck at slightly above eye level, six sheets ready and waiting, and a pleasantly soft overcast light to work with. It's my own mother, damn it. You'd think I could get something acceptable, wouldn't you? I was standing at the light table last evening looking at all six negatives. Not a chance. Formal portraiture is not a skill set I possess. I will be trying again, though. I have to...]
Don't feel bad, except for kids, family members are the toughest for some reason.