Well, I've been gone for 2 weeks and was pleasantly surprised that the only mail to have come in that time were all APUG postcards! The mailman had a good look at all of them before handing them over!

BoxBrownie's "Merry-go-round" is a nice contrast to ozphoto's "Stonehenge". The former has a melancholy feel to it, of days long past and probably forgotten. The latter has wonderful life to it, with the basic colours, clouds, and wide-angle view. I visited Stonehenge 6 years ago and did not get any shots that remotely resemble this (could be due to the cold, rainy, November day I was there though )

Darwin's "Reflection" virtually wills you to hold it upside down (it seems more "right" for some reason), but I like it in both orientations. Similarly, Edcculus's jumble of vines has me searching for hidden treasures within.

Labcoat has caught a great moment in capturing people cooling down during the heat of summer -- makes me wish we had something like this in Japan! It hit 40 degrees Celsius today (in the shade) -- unfortunately cooling off in fountains or sprinklers just doesn't happen here.

Finally, I have to give props to Hayley Books' first print ever -- a lovely dog portrait, although I would admit to wishing the dog was a little lighter to stand out better against the background. But in all other respects it's a nice print!

And, keeping with the animal theme for a moment, I also have to admit I enjoyed Stephen Frizza's print of Mr. Jiggs. For some reason this card got missed in my earlier comments.

Thanks to one and all, and looking forward to the getting the final cards for this round!